Car Definitions

What does Remote Start mean?

Any car that can be started without the need to be physically present in the car. This is usually done from the keyfob within operating range and can be used to warm up/cool down the vehicle cabin before you approach it.

What does MP3 mean?

A digital audio format for creating high-quality sound files. Vehicles that are compatible with playing MP3 audio, allow occupants to enjoy a higher quality of audio.

What does Diffuser mean?

Part of a car's underbody that improves its aerodynamic properties.

What does Off-Road Dampers mean?

Also known as shock absorbers, off-road dampers are shock absorbers that are designed and built specifically to tackle harsher terrain and higher speeds. They tend to allow greater flex of the wheels while providing longer wheel travel for improved stability.

What does ESC (Electronic Stability Control) mean?

A safety feature that improves the handling of a vehicle by detecting skids and compensating by adjusting braking pressure. This in turn helps maintain the intended direction of the vehicle.