Car Definitions

What does Front Crumple Zone mean?

Portion of a vehicle that absorbs impact in a head-on collision.

What does Instrument Cluster mean?

A set of digital/analogue gauges behind the steering wheel, often featuring a tachometer and speedometer.

What does CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) mean?

Abbreviation for Continuously Variable Transmission. This type of transmission does not have “gears” like a manual or automatic, instead it maintains a steady acceleration curve with no pauses for gear changes.

What does Performance Tyres mean?

Tires that are dedicated to high-speed driving are known as performance tires. They tend to have a shallower tread pattern than standard road tires to reduce rolling resistance while providing maximum grip.

What does Active Understeer Control (AUC) mean?

A driving characteristic usually associated with front-wheel drive cars, wherein the car doesn't turn enough at high speeds.