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Chevrolet UAE - New Car Prices and Specifications

19 models from AED 64,700 to AED 335,600

About Chevrolet UAE

Chevrolet is one of 70 brands currently on sale in the UAE. It competes with other car brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mazda. Their model lineup consists of the Corvette , Onix , Blazer, Bolt EV, Camaro Convertible. Out of those, the most affordable new Chevrolet in the UAE is the Chevrolet Spark 1-4l-ls with a price tag of AED 36,910 including VAT. Its competitor Toyota, however, offers the Toyota Yaris Sedan at a competitive price of AED 59,900.
At the other end of the spectrum, the most expensive Chevrolet model currently on sale in the UAE is the Corvette 6-2l-3lt-coupe, which will set you back AED 395,000 , competing with the Porsche 911 at a price point of AED 398,800 and the Jaguar F-Type Coupe at a starting price of AED 303,870.
Under YallaMotor’s used car marketplace, we currently have 1,464 used Chevrolet cars from 1980 until 2021, out of which 410 are listed by individual sellers and 1,054 are listed by used car dealers. According to our data, the average price for a used Chevrolet in the UAE is AED 35,543; whereas the average price of a used Toyota is AED 370,975.

2023 and 2022 New Chevrolet Models

Used Chevrolet by price in UAE

Used Cars Starting Price Maximum Price Average Price Cars Available
Used Chevrolet 2023 AED 1,000 AED 370,000 AED 96,801 50
Used Chevrolet 2022 AED 55,000 AED 490,000 AED 86,405 37
Used Chevrolet 2021 AED 33,500 AED 399,999 AED 98,036 52
Used Chevrolet 2020 AED 26,000 AED 189,000 AED 69,749 63
Used Chevrolet 2019 AED 18,000 AED 252,000 AED 67,040 104
Used Chevrolet 2018 AED 22,000 AED 165,900 AED 58,419 66
Used Chevrolet 2017 AED 19,500 AED 189,555 AED 48,938 88
Used Chevrolet 2016 AED 16,000 AED 119,999 AED 41,249 67
Used Chevrolet 2015 AED 12,000 AED 175,000 AED 36,223 101
Used Chevrolet 2014 AED 11,000 AED 160,000 AED 31,856 124
Used Chevrolet 2013 AED 11,000 AED 60,000 AED 22,905 98
Used Chevrolet 2012 AED 10,000 AED 40,000 AED 18,492 67

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New Chevrolet Prices in UAE


What is Chevrolet's cheapest car?

Chevrolet's cheapest car is Chevrolet Groove 2023 and it has a starting price of AED 64,700.

Which is the best car in Chevrolet?

The best car in Chevrolet's lineup is Tahoe and it has a starting price of AED 280,000.

How much is a Chevrolet Car in UAE ?

The price of a Chevrolet Car in UAE Starts from AED 64,700 - AED 335,600.

Which is the highest-priced model of Chevrolet in UAE?

Chevrolet Corvette 2023 is the highest-priced model of Chevrolet in UAE, and it has a starting price of AED 335,600.

Which is the most fuel-efficient car model of Chevrolet?

The most fuel-efficient car model in Chevrolet's lineup is Chevrolet Bolt EV 2023 LT FWD and has an average fuel consumption of 2.0 L/ 100Km.

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